Clear Lenses (Default)
Clear Lenses (Default)
Clear Lenses (Default)
Clear Lenses (Default)

Clear Lenses (Default)

Basic pair with clear, anti-reflective coating lenses.

Options are available for the Compress service(thinning) and the Blue Light Coating(screen light protective) lenses.

The prescription lenses are adjusted only for customers' personal spectacles degrees. It would be difficult to accept return or exchange for any reason. Please consider carefully before you purchase our frame with the prescription service.
Making custom lenses may take 1-2 business days and shipping usually takes 4-7 business days depending on the region you live.


[How to Order your prescription lenses]
1) please add the type of lenses with the frame you would like to purchase.
2) After checkout, please send us your prescription by e-mail. >>

**If you have a vision lower than -3.0, either of your eyes, we strongly suggest to add the compress(thinning the lens) option at least once. And we suggest to add compression twice for those lower than -5.0. If you are not sure, please contact us to ask about it.

OD: sphere -0.50 / cylinder -0.25 / axis 170
OS: sphere -0.50 / cylinder -0.50 / axis 155
PD: 31.5/33

*OD: Oculus Dexter (Right Eye)
*OS: Oculus Sinister (Left Eye)
*PD: Pupil Distance