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On a daily basis, we wear glasses without thinking about them. Nothing is closer to us than our eyewear. Our eyewear is much more than just a functional item. It is a statement piece we can use to express ourselves. NYBK values the basic functions of eyewear and sees the opportunity to create a stunning product to represent and express our individualism in this dynamic season of life.

To provide the finest eyewear, NYBK offers stylish, minimal designs by eliminating superfluous decorations to create frames which are pleasing to look at and feel good. We have also removed any unnecessary steps in the production process to provide handmade frames at a reasonable cost. Our main focus is to make products that fit easily into your routines and contribute to a harmonious life. 


Good design

Our designs are centered on the undeniable beauty of simplicity. We aim to create stunning and comfortable products by paying close attention to the details of the nose bridge, angle of the frame and the distance between the lens and the temple. These small parts make a big difference and create a product that won’t slip down the nose or sit uncomfortably on the face. For a perfect fit, we fashion our ergonomic designs with the highest quality materials such as silicone nose pads and durable metals that are entirely adjustable to fit your face. Our design process creates a comfortable pair of eyewear that feels natural to wear.


Good Material

Titanium, stainless steel and acetate. 3 basic elements. We are highly selective and chose only the best materials that are light but durable and do not irritate the skin. Titanium is friendly to the body, strong and incredibly light. Stainless steel is durable and rust-resistant and also very light. Stainless steel can be adjusted easily to help you find your perfect fit. Acetate gives great aesthetic pleasure, it is luxurious in color and gloss. Acetate is also eco-friendly and will not irritate the skin.


Good Process

NYBK takes great care to inspect factories and to find the best partners. We work with artisans who provide high-quality luxury items for world-popular brands. We have an inspection process that demands perfection. Production of our eyewear goes through more than 29 steps and throughout the entire process there is a human hand and touch crafting each pair. Our frames take 3 months or more to make. The artisans we work with have tens of years of experience and can provide unparalleled attention to detail. This is why our defect rate is close to 0%.


Good Price

NYBK’s commitment to working with experienced artisans to create handmade frames means that our product may cost more than a lower-quality item. However, we believe everyone deserves to have a comfortable pair of eyewear to enjoy daily. Therefore, we offer our product at a reasonable price and always offer free worldwide delivery. We aim to help as many people as possible know the joy of owning stylish yet comfortable eyewear and hope that many people can wear good quality products.



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